Top 12 Best Paid Survey Sites to Make Money Online for Free

Earn cash for giving your opinion answering survey questions

best paid surveysThese days, the Internet has become so important that it is part of most people’s daily routine. With it, you can do a lot of conveniences, such as checking your email, updating your social media accounts, online shopping, reading the news, chatting with friends, searching for useful information and so on! Virtually, you can do almost anything through it!

However, did you know that you can also make money with the web? You can take advantage of online best paid survey sites. In fact, it is a great opportunity for you to make riches—well, not all the time. Some people would say it is too complicated and requires certain professional skills to make it happen. Fortunately, it is not all that complicated. Aside from building a website, getting an online freelance job, writing blogs and making apps, which can be discouraging especially if you are not an expert in these areas, you can earn cash for giving your opinion.

How can your opinion change the world?

Whether it is positive or negative, your feedback will always be welcomed. Put in mind that companies are open-minded to accept any kind of opinion, as it is highly valuable in developing their products to better ones. So, you do not have to worry about not being paid from giving a negative feedback, as companies will take your opinion as inspiration to make new and better products. We will never know, but you might be the person who is responsible for the making of a new generation of smartphones!

Best paid surveys sites: Earn money by just sharing your opinion online?

It sounds easy? Yes, the whole process is about getting you opinion and thoughts! It is really simple, where you do not need to be an expert, don't need to have advanced knowledge or be a doctor. All you need to do is just share your thoughts through a simple solution known as “paid surveys”—a very easy way to make money online. As you may know, there is a lot of prominent brands out there on the market that would like to hear what you think about their products and, in return, would pay you in exchange for this kind of information. You can use an online paid survey to act as an intermediary to let you know when companies have online questionnaires.

Are paid surveys a legit way to earn free money?

If you are wondering if it carries some risk to earn money from paid surveys due to the things you have heard on the web about websites scamming people for their hard-earned money, take note that these websites are most likely requiring people to invest before making any money. On the other hand, a legit online paid survey oppontunity will not be asking any credit card details as it is free to join, so you can put your wallet away. All you need to do now is to click each site below and register yourself for a free membership, and start sharing your thoughts through online surveys. Then, when you reach de minimum amount required you can redeem your cash or reward.

Make money online through the best paid survey sites

The only things you need in order to join a paid survey are yourself, a computer with internet connection and a cup of your favorite coffee! This list is not about joining every single paid survey site you encounter on every search engine, but is focused on those that offer low-payment thresholds, decent payouts and a dependable volume of surveys. With thorough analysis of reviews and feedback, here are the top 12 paid survey sites that you can use online:

1. My???   <---
This international paid survey site is great and pay it's members in euro through paypal. You can cashout once hit 20000 points (20 euros). Each survey worth between 500 to 10,000 points.

2. G????? Te?? Market   <---
This US-based paid online survey site (but accept international members) pays in vouchers or through Paypal once you have earned 1,000 points.

3. i-S??   <---
Here it's a must join site that is considered one of the best paying survey site around. As a member, you can earn points for taking surveys that you can then redeem for vouchers.

4. V???? Opinions   <---
This is one of the most established and reliable survey sites, paying in retail vouchers, including those for top businesses and stores.

5. Points2????   <---
Another International site completely free to join. One of the best paid surveys online and you can withdraw your money by payza, paypal, check, or your points can become rewards.

6. Quick???????   <---
Another top survey site that you can cash out through PayPal. With a free and short registration, the panelist can start earning money sharing his opinion.

7. Green Pa??????   <---
Surveyors can earn cash fast from this one, as it has a low payout threshold and full of surveys. Like most survey sites, it pays in cash via PayPal.

8. OnePoll   <---
This survey site has become so popular for its speedy surveys, running its polls for the press with fun questions about celebrities and even your love life. However, it works slightly different to other survey sites as it does not send out invitations, so you need to log on every day to check.

9. Pinecone   <---
Considered as the “Holy Grail” of survey sites, Pinecone will pay big bucks, but it is “invitation only” and its recruitment process is very secretive. You get $4.63 for each survey you take.

10. ???surveys   <---
Don't wait to join this panel. Participating in each survey worth between $1 to $5 per study. You will be able to cashout when have earned a minimum of 1000 points ($10).

11. Toluna   <---
This is another online paid survey that you should register, where you can earn prizes in the form of PayPal cash or gift cards.

12. YouGov   <---
You will love this online paid survey.

Companies usually provide the survey using the featured paid survey sites. You can start your survey after filling your personal information to the sites. After the company send you email invitation, you are ready for the fun. You should be very careful in finding the right surveys since there are lots of scams as well. Always check for a testimonial and compare between one and another company.
The best thing about paid surveys online is that for a single survey only require for about 15 minutes; therefore, you can have up to three surveys each time you have break time.

The more you are taking the surveys, the more money and reward you will get. It is always your choice. All you need to do is participate in every survey. Even though there are many online surveys which offer money; you cannot just believe it for nothing. You may have to contact the customer service in order to know the survey term and condition as well as avoid scamming. You may wonder about getting junk mail when signing up for paid surveys online. Surprisingly, online surveys do not load your mail with spam mail. They have the pride not to load with spam and junk mail.

There you have it—all the information you need to get started with using online surveys to make money! Join the top 12 best paid survey sites so you can earn extra cash!