How Does Paid Online Surveys Work?

survey workMarketing research is a money-making business but when it comes to global marketing, we are talking about billions of dollars here. And with paid surveys online becoming more and more popular these days, websites offering some sort or reward whether in cash or points are sprouting like mushrooms.

Businesses are investing tons of money to pay survey-takers, test audiences and product analysts to gather data so they can improve their products or determine if the idea they have in mind is feasible and will have a target market in case it is developed to become a commodity they can sell for consumption. Companies are willing to pay to get an honest feedback from you, the consumer.

Why is it popular?

Aside from not having to pay a fee to register for paid surveys, any person of legal age can earn extra money by just going online and answer simple questions regarding the topic. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a student or an employee looking for an easy way to earn more, answering paid surveys online is a rewarding route to take.

How does it work?

1. Normally, it is as simple as registering at a given website and supplying basic information like your full name and email address as well as creating login information.

2. Next, you will be receiving an email that will ask you to open a link where you will be type in more detailed information including birthday, age, marital status, level of education, employment information and gender.

3. Once you are registered, you can usually start answering your first online survey by choosing from links that will be sent to you which is a match to your demographic information. There are numerous sites that will allow you to choose the preferred number of surveys you can join. A survey can be answered in 10 minutes but there are some that needs more time to answer, say, 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the product you are asked to evaluate or what information the company giving the survey wants to know.

4. The reward or payment given will depend on the duration of the survey. Some pay a minimum of $2 for 10 minute surveys while 20-minute questionnaires can pay up to $6. One that can take at least an hour can pay as much as $30. Take note that there are some surveys you might not qualify for but still, you can be given partial rewards, like points or coupons.

5. Some websites allow you to cash in your payment when the amount totals a cut-off, say, when you already have $500 in your account. There are those that give points you can redeem or pretend money you can cash in for rewards.

What’s awesome about paid online surveys is that you can do it at the convenience of your own home or any part of the globe you are at the moment so long as you have internet connection. You get to give your opinion and get paid for it. And yes, you can be confident these companies will listen to what you have to say and that consumers like you will be buying better products in the future.
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