Global Test Market Review: Paid Online Survey to Make Money

global test marketThe Global Test Market is an online paid survey platform owned by Lightspeed Research. The company has been in the industry since 1999. In 2004, the company received accreditation from Better Business Bureau. Global test Market already has 5.5 million members from more than 200 countries wide world. It control the survey for market research for many companies over the world. To be more precise, about 1400 companies in more than 60 countries. 

A short Global test market review

Similar to other paid online company, the Global Test Market also allows free registering as well as participating for their members in the website. The members are rewarded with cash payment or other benefits for taking their time to join the surveys. The cash payments are given when a member has completed the surveys and every of the featured events from Global Test Market. For every survey, the members are given different “Market Points” which varies from 35-250 points. For that amount of points is average to $1.5 to $1.75 for each survey. The cash payment is given automatically after the members complete the survey. 

Carrying on with our review, compared to the other paid survey sites, Global Test Market will process the cash payment for about 5 weeks. Even if it is a little bit long, but it is guaranteed payments. There are probably quite lots of controversies when it comes to payment cash out like the other companies do. However, Global Test Market guaranteed the payment cash out. 

Every member is eligible for monthly cash out as well as other sweepstakes. Some surveys may only provide monthly cash out in replace for cash payments. However, the members are given the options to choose the survey categories that they like. For example, a member can focus only in surveys for food, movies, cosmetics, and many more. The survey invitations are frequently sent daily into the email for like 2-3 times a day. 

Since the Global Test market is a huge company with huge membership; it has intense competition to get into the website. The members who have taken part in the survey earlier receive a higher chance for the next survey. Moreover, the qualification to get the surveys can be tough. Some people also complain about their difficulties to get the surveys since it takes like ten minutes before they finally get screened out. Some others also mention for longer waiting time. 

The cash out minimum is too much for $50 which means that it takes around 20-30 surveys to accumulate the points. Of course, it is done with the assumption that a member does not get screened out in the first place for every survey. The cash out process is more difficult for the international members since it can take for like 6-8 weeks and days off and holidays also adds to the delay.

Hope this short Global test Market review has helped you. Despite some problems, this paid survey site is one of the most reliable and can be a good way to make an extra money online.

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