E-POLL Review: Take Surveys Online e Make money Through PayPal

e-pollJoining an online paid survey site is a challenging experience. What can people get from this survey site? They can earn either gift cards or money. The key of success in this survey is the qualification. Aside from that, people should find a reliable research company such as E-POLL. This will be a site to discuss here. What kind of surveys they offer? This company involves marketing research related to entertainment. Usually, it’s about TV programs and a person’s watching habits. There are award points for completing surveys at this site. The points vary between 100 up to 1000 or more. It depends on the survey complexity and length.

The Payment in E-POLL Survey Site

Members can redeem their points as soon as it reaches 2750. Yet, the minimum requirement is increasing over time as they are stored. The site will make a payment through PayPal from $5-$30. Aside from cash payment, members will get various gift cards of many retailers including Sears, Amazon, Starbucks, and others. The other option is a charity as members can spend their $5 to some foundations. Perhaps, there won’t be many people who take this option. The eligibility to join this survey site is at least 13 years old. Unfortunately, people who live outside the United States aren’t able to take an opportunity from this site. 

The Pros and Cons of E-POLL Surveys

E-POLL isn’t quite popular among people as it doesn’t serve globally. Perhaps there aren’t many people who know about this survey site. Still, this site has been online for years and it has proven to be one of the best survey sites on the internet. It is good news as the site offers free membership for the applicants. Applicants must fill out a registration form with some personal details. They also get the confirmation link through their site. Importantly, applicants must fill the real details for the demographic qualification. It’s important for taking the surveys. 

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Members can take the surveys through invitations. The site will send that invitation through members’ email. There are many factors determining how many surveys people can take. It also depends on how legit their demographic and profile are. Needless to say, there will be at least 2 invitations on a weekly basis. Also, the frequency is determined on how many projects they have. Without any projects, there aren’t surveys to offer. Most experts say that surveys that involve entertainment and TV shows will be the most popular ones. Yet, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any other survey to take in different fields. 

The only downside with this survey site is the frequency. Members often complain about how useless their membership is. They can get any survey often enough at E-POLL. Sometimes, they only get a survey to take once every 2 months. In this case, they can get bored easily and looking for other sites. Some members who keep the faith in this site should grab the survey as soon as it’s available. Otherwise, they won’t get any chance to earn money or gift cards from this site. For those who love watching TV shows, this survey site is a perfect place to earn some cash. Has this e-poll review helped you to understand the site?

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