I-Say Review: A simple explanation of how this Survey site works

i-sayMany people have ever heard about I-SAY. It’s one of many paid survey programs available on the internet. It becomes a survey site run by Ipsos. The site is quite frank as members can take surveys and get rewards in points. Later, they can redeem these rewards for many prizes and gift cards. Due to its popularity, new members don’t have any doubts about the legality. In fact, more people involve in this site as they want to take advantage of the rewards. How does it work? How can members earn points? Here is a simple review and explanation of how this site works and how people can earn points from it.

Understanding I-SAY Paid Survey Site

There isn’t age limitation to joining this site. If people are from the US, they can directly sign up at this site. They’ll be engaged to registration page based on their region. It will take few minutes for the whole registration process. There are some questions for members to response. Those are regular queries they can find in other survey sites. Once they sign-up, they need to click the confirmation link sent through their email. It’s compulsory as it may activate their account. Once they have registered in this site, they can start to earn some points. They can even use different strategies to earn points.

Review: Earning More Points with IPSOS I-SAY

I-SAY is different from other paid survey sites as this doesn’t require downloads or product trials. It only emphasizes on surveys. Members receive some survey invites through their email. It depends on whether they are eligible or not. They also have a survey dashboard when they login in some surveys they take. Like other survey sites, members should answer some questions for eligibility. They need to qualify these questions in order to take the real surveys. If they don’t succeed, they only get 5 points. It takes the time to find reliable surveys that members qualify for. When they do, they can gather more points.

On this site, members can access the polls. These aren’t surveys and they can’t earn points from these polls. There’s also the poll predictor. Once members complete some surveys, they have the chance to play this game. They need to guess the number of percentage of “yes” to various questions in the polls. Members will be awarded by “chances” according to how close their deduction is. What is the “chances”? They can use it to win prizes at the draws. Both poll predictor and polls aren’t quite useful for earning points. Yet, members can use to for killing time while waiting for survey invites.

Members can redeem I-SAY points at least with 500 points. This number isn’t quite hard to collect as long as members have the qualification to take surveys. Some surveys pay up more than 50 points. Thus, members can hunt some of them to accumulate some points for prizes. There are also sweepstakes to enter. Members should spend 250 points to take this chance. What’s the prize? It’s an e-gift card of a travel package. Overall, the trick is to finish as many assessments as possible. Thanks for visiting our I-say review!

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