Myiyo Review: What People Should Know About this Paid Survey

myiyoThere are many opportunities where people can join. MYIYO comes as one of the most popular sites people often use. It’s a survey site that uses points as its payment. Yet, it doesn’t mean there is no money at all that members can earn. In fact, online surveys from this site are quite a nice method people can use to earn lots of cash from the internet. Online surveys can be an additional income as they can be exchanged for money. This myiyo review will show you that it's members can earn money with their opinion. They only need to collect some points for every survey they take. Those points are redeemable for money. 

The Qualification to Become a Member

Members give opinions and knowledge to help develop products. Their participation and opinions support governments and companies in taking decisions on the development of services and products. There have been many reviews about this site. These reviews will give an insight either this site is reliable or not. People all over the world are eligible to join myiyo. Yet, the minimum age to join is 18 years old. In the terms of payment, a point is the major key. Members are able to gather as many points as possible, which depends on how many surveys they take. It also depends on the length of the questionnaires.

How Much Can People Earn with Myiyo? 

Members need to collect at least 20000 points for cash out. One Euro is equal to 1000 points. How can they get paid? MYIYO offers some payment methods, especially PayPal. The payment can also be requested through bank transfer in Russia and South Africa. There’s also an option that people can donate their pays to charity. When can members get paid? They will get the payments at the beginning of the next month after they make the claim. Aside from the payments, there’s also a bonus. The sign-up bonus will be 500 points after completing an account profile. This will be a good start to earn points. 

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What are about the details of the survey? How can members get notified? They can receive survey notifications from email as long as there are available surveys to be done. In their account, they can access the Surveys tab to find available jobs. There’s a frequency of questionnaires people can take. It depends on personal preferences and demographics. Some people receive about 5 notifications each month and others can get more than that. The length depends on the difficulty level and usually it takes around 10 minutes. It can be either less or more. 

What kind of surveys available on this survey site? 

MYIYO only provides an online survey for its members. There’s also no certain number about how often people may qualify. Even though they are invited to participate, it doesn’t mean they qualify those things. Perhaps only half of them are valid. Some people even can’t finish their surveys in time so they have difficulties in qualifying next ones. It’s imperative to complete a profile as it enhances the chances to get invitations. Members also need to check their emails frequently for available opportunities. Overall, qualification is the key of success in this site. Have you enjoyed our myiyo review?

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