Toluna Short Review: Additional Income online with Paid Surveys

tolunaPaid survey is one of the ways to get additional income which can be done in the leisure time. There are plenty of companies out there; however, there are also scam websites. It is important to be cautious when choosing the market research company. This report talk about one of the largest paid survey companies worldwide... Toluna. 

What is Toluna?

Toluna review: It is a market research company which has two bases in Dallas and Paris and has around 900 employees worldwide. Toluna gives a reward for every survey, sponsored polls, as well as being active in their social media network. The company allows the member for monthly drawing the rewards. 

As one of the largest company for paid survey worldwide, Toluna has approximately 4 million of the member. Almost all the members are active in the paid surveys, writing opinions, sponsored polls, and many other methods. The registration and surveys activity are completely free. The members are paid for the survey that they take in cash payment or other benefits. The cash payment is provided for completing the surveys activity, writing opinions, sponsored pools, and many more. For every survey, the payment varies from few dimes to more than $1 per surveys. The company also provides gifts such as MP3 songs in replace for small cash payments. 

The invitations for the surveys are delivered through email as well as in the official website. Before joining the surveys, the member should answer for about 5-10 questions for the company’s development. It is also for the Toluna clients’ to get to know that the respondent is the right demographic. The validation process can take approximately a week or more. For the new members, the website is already provided informative as well as helpful tutorials related to the surveys.  

Toluna Review: What people says?

There are plenty of companies which hold the surveys. This means that some of the surveys are not just for anybody, only members who meet the sampling criteria able to join the surveys. How do you know that you are qualified or not? At the end of the survey, there will be notification that the member is “not qualified”. Yes, it is at the end of the survey which make people annoy since they have answered plenty questions and the respond is not qualified. Many people quite disappoint with the system since they lose the cash amount and waste their time for nothing. Therefore, plenty people also accuse this paid survey company as a scam. 

For the regular member who has a certain amount for one year and do not cash out; the point that they have will be expired and cannot be cashed out. Moreover, they also complain about the company slow respond for casing out which result in points expiration during the time. It takes approximately eight weeks before the payments process and convert it into a voucher. Similar to others online paid surveys, the Toluna also has minimum payout which is $20 or equal 60, 0000 points. Many members consider that it is too high.

Toluna review-final conclusion: the company has problems, but still worth becoming a member.